Mark is a warm, honest and articulate speaker who brings with him a story of success and, more importantly, an awareness of what it takes to achieve. Sacrifice, failure, hard work, determination and a brutal diet all contribute to Mark’s remarkable story.

Mark offers his account of his career and achievements with a humour that contrasts sharply with his vivid recollections of the moments when he wondered if he could, or should, continue chasing his dream.

What kept him going? Who helped along the way and how? How did it feel to finally experience the sweet taste of success? What makes him continue to train and how does he maintain focus going forwards?

Mark answers these questions, and many more, with ease and charm, helping audiences learn from his experiences and take inspiration from them.

Mark’s natural ease and rapport with an audience mean that he is as happy talking to schoolchildren or rowing club audiences as he is delivering a keynote speech to senior management figures.

Key themes – team work, leadership, dealing with setbacks, goal setting.


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